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Do you want to learn the tricks of a strategy consultant?

Learn how to create insightful, clear and compelling presentations, build business cases, create pricing models and learn new industries in days.




So why are strategy consultants so good at PowerPoint, Excel and financial analysis?

Well it’s simple really, practice makes perfect!

    • Strategy consultants gets a lot of it, over my 7+ years I’ve racked up more than 17 000 hours (it’s acknowledged we need 10 000 hours of practice to become experts at something)
    • Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work is communicated on a final presentation
    • Business cases often form the foundation for investments in the size of millions and even billions of dollars

Consulting clients pay a lot of money to do deep and thorough research analysis and come up with insightful strategies and recommendations

  • Given that, you can bet your next month’s salary that we need it to be perfect!








Presenting is the method of transportation to your real goal, to inform and convince your audience of your key messages.

Excel is easy to start with, that’s why so many people use it wrong but also why it’s so powerful, the flexibility of it. Most people use it as some kind of automatic calculator, let us teach you how to use it properly and automate your analysis.

Understanding numbers is crucial for all areas of business, even if you do not work in finance. Understanding how to analyse numbers and what drives company profits will help you better understand your role in the larger company.



Espen Dusik Sjaavik

This was one of the best and easy to use lectures on PowerPoint I've ever seen - Gartner

Espen Dusik Sjaavik

Gone is the theoretical approach by people who have little practical knowledge, everything I needed - Bazaarvoice

Chris Vik
Chris Vik

Christian Östlund

I looked at a lot of courses, but I needed to know what great looks like and learn only what's needed to recreate it, this is it! - HKC Hotels

Christian Östlund

These insights are often communicated in a PowerPoint presentation based on financial analysis in excel, that’s often 4-6 people’s work for 8-10 weeks all crammed into one presentation.It’s not about the extra comma or a misspellt word, it’s the fact that so much work and effort and insight goes into PowerPoint that if you do a poor job of communicating this, you loose a lot of that hard work


Why do you need it?

Are you one of the hundreds of millions of people who use PowerPoint and Excel on an almost daily basis?

We all know that PowerPoint is one of the most used presentation tools across the world, however what few people realise is that most people use it wrong. Just because you can add a new slide by pressing CTRL and M and that you get a new bullet by pushing Enter once you already have one, doesn’t mean you can use PowerPoint.

That’s exactly what most people do wrong, they thing that as long as the material is on the slide, it’s good. Nothing could be further from the truth, if you’re working at anything like a standard company, the people who are listening to your presentations are likely thinking about the pile of work building up on their desk. Meetings take up a lot of time and most people are just sitting there wondering why they are in the meeting to begin with, and when is it over.

This is a two pronged problem, one is that we have too many meetings but unless you change your manager’s mind that will be difficult to change. However, the second issue is that most people think a meeting is unenecessary because they don’t know why they’re there, and that’s because they don’t underrstand what’s being presented.

Just having the insight is only half the equation, if you can’t communicate them, they’re worthless! (unless you fix the presentation using our techniques though)


Would you rather the audience gets your message and you achieve your outcome?


Buy our lectures now and start your journey to delivering better presentations and performing more insightful analysis!

Wouldn’t you want a way to make sure your presentations are professional and insightful?

What is USD49 in exchange for learning techniques which aren’t only going to minimize the amount of time you spend on making presentations but also makes sure they are more impactful, more insightful and better received?

Of course, we’re a bit biased but we designed this course because we couldn’t find anything which gave you practical advice of how to do do great presentations, just a whole lot of them teaching us the functionality, which in all fairness, Microsoft does for free. In fact, we are so confident that these lectures are good that we offer 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, that’s right, if you for any reason don’t think this didn’t deliver on our promises and value for your money, just e-mail us for a full refund. We only ask that you say what you didn’t like with it so that we can improve on it, we will refund no matter what.

Buy our lectures now and start your journey to delivering better presentations and performing more insightful analysis!


Right takes less time than wrong

Did you know that once you know how to do it, it doesn’t take longer to do it right than doing it wrong?

Either it sounds completely logical or counter intiutive to you but we will teach you methods how you can create professional looking and insightful slides with the same easy as you would a box-standard corporate presentation which misses the mark. By knowing what looks good and planning out your presentation it will be a vast improvement right from the start, spending time fixing slides is no on’es idea of a good time.

So what are you waiting for? With our money back guarantee, this is risk free for you!

That’s right, do as countless of others before you and order our lecture now, and with our 30 day money back guarantee it’s completely risk free. Order before the 15th July and you’ll also receive a special article on what most presentations lack to be as good as they could be.



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